What is Sapphyre Nic?

Sapphyre Nic is a concentrated nicotine additive. Simply add Sapphyre Nic packets to any bottle of e-liquid to increase nicotine levels.

Increase Sales

Simplify your inventory by purchasing only 0mg nicotine e-liquid. Never lose a sale! Only tax per 1ml packet used.
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Easy to Use

Simply add Sapphyre Nic packets to any flavor of e-liquid to increase nicotine levels. Comes in 10% and 20% concentrations.

How to Use Sapphyre Nic

Nic Level Calculator

Sapphyre Nic comes in four concentrations to make ordering and adding packets as easy as possible.

Use this calculator to determine the amount of Sapphre Nic packs to add to your e-liquid.




Note: Your desired level of nicotine is lower than your current level. Please adjust the values to continue.


Number of Packets Needed:

1ml 10% Packets
1ml 20% Packets
2ml 20% Packets
2ml 40% Packets

sapphyre nic 10 percent

Sapphyre Nic -10% Liquid Nicotine 0.9ml (5 Pack)

sapphyre nic 20 percent

Sapphyre Nic -20% Liquid Nicotine 0.9ml (5 Pack)

sapphyre nic 20 percent

Sapphyre Nic -20% Liquid Nicotine 1.8ml (5 Pack)

sapphyre nic 40 percent

Sapphyre Nic -40% Liquid Nicotine 1.8ml (5 Pack)

sapphyre nic salt 25

Sapphyre Nic Salt- 25

sapphyre nic salt 45

Sapphyre Nic Salt- 45

sapphyre nic salt menthol ice

Sapphyre Menthol Ice Nic Salt e-Liquid - 45mg

sapphyre nic salt sweet tobacco

Sapphyre Sweet Tobacco Nic Salt e-Liquid- 45mg

Sapphyre Nic saved our business. Chicago has passed a pretty hefty tax on any type of nicotine products, including ejuice. The proposed tax would have potentially doubled the price of the eliquid. We would not have been able to stay in business if we were to charge up to $40 for a bottle of ejuice. Not only did Sapphye help us stay in business, but inventory has been a breeze. We only have to stock 0mg in all of our eliquid stock. Sapphyre has made running our business a lot easier.

Omar Ahmed Roots Smoke & Vapor Shop, Chicago, IL

We’re very happy with your product. It’s consistent and easy. Our customers have gotten used to the process of adding their own nicotine and your company makes it very simple for anyone to do.

Richard Girard All Access Vapor, Palm Harbor, FL

The Sapphyre Nicotine packets have been a huge success for PurePuff Vapor Supply.  We were not expecting the huge response we received from our customers so far. We have saved no less than 150 e-liquid sales from our first 2 orders. This is a product that is a must for any vape shop, its a no brainer.

Eric Saat PurePuff Vapor Supply, West Berlin, NJ

We love Sapphyre Nic, it allows us to always have the right strength on hand. We lose no juice sales and it greatly simplifies our inventory, allowing us to have more on hand. The quality of the nicotine is evident in the faces of the customers, no change in flavor. We look forward to growing our offerings now that we have more space on the shelf.

Greg Dean Vaholl Vapors, Fayetteville, NC

Our customers enjoy the ease of the nicotine pods for at home DIY projects as well as bumping up their e-liquid as needed. This product has been a great addition to our line of products, and is one of our best selling products.

Tim Champagne Troposphere Vapors, Lafayette, LA

Sapphyre Nicotine has improved our ability to keep our inventory fresh and has allowed us to better serve our customers since the moment we brought it in the store. One of the best ideas for vape shop owners everywhere!

Shane Stringer Colorado Vapors, Fort Collins CO

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